We are exploring the potential of drones to improve and significantly streamline the accident investigation process.

Our system utilizes drones and photogrammetry to reduce road closure times, capture better evidence, and improve the safety of traffic agencies in a much shorter timeframe.

Revolutionary Efficiency in Accident Management: The Role of Drones in Assessment and Intervention

Drones bring an unprecedented level of precision and speed to accident management. By collecting aerial images and precise data, drones enable a quick and efficient assessment of the situation, reducing the time needed for documenting evidence in accident investigations from 2-3 hours to just 15-20 minutes.

Drones: The New Era of Accident Management

Drones are redefining how we respond to accidents. The images and data collected by drones enable more efficient situation assessment, contributing to faster response and optimized intervention by:

- reducing secondary accidents due to stopped traffic
- quickly decongesting traffic
- reducing fuel consumption caused by prolonged traffic jams

Creating a digital twin of the accident scene using drones

Any accident can be documented in different ways and involves investigators tagging and measuring significant areas. Our services use videogrammetry, currently on par in terms of measurement accuracy. The main advantage is the speed in processing and generating a 3D representation of the scene.

Maximizing Intervention Efficiency in Accidents with Drones

Drones are not just a technological gadget; they are an essential tool for modern accident management. By collecting precise data and conducting detailed inspections, drones can significantly improve the efficiency of accident interventions.
Drones, the new phase in road incident management.
Drones are revolutionizing how authorities ensure quick traffic clearance following an accident.

Optimize your processes and reduce your costs.

Do you want to optimize your costs in your projects and obtain precise data in record time?

Scanning the world, it's not about the drone, it's about the data.

ARHIDRONA is a provider that offers 3D scanning, aerial photography, and filming services and solutions using state-of-the-art drones.

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